Here's Why The Nintendo Switch Won't Fail Like The Wii U

The release of the Wii U was considered to be one of the biggest missteps for Nintendo, and a lot of fans are worried that the same would happen to the upcoming Nintendo Switch upon its launch. Nintendo Executive, Reggie Fils-Aime, however, is very positive that the Switch will succeed, and he has pointed out two main reasons why.

According to Gamespot, Fils-Aime has pointed out that the Switch's success can be attributed to the way the console was marketed and how audiences know exactly what to expect from the Switch. For now, audiences understand that the Switch is a console-handheld hybrid that will allow players to play heavier games either in the comforts of their living room or anywhere else they take the device.

The second factor that will lead to the Switch's success, according to Fils-Aime, is also the steady amount of games that will be released for the console. He says, "Wii U will go down as having fantastic content - the issue was as you look at the reality of exactly when the games were launched, there were large gaps in between."

Gaming Bolt has pointed out that the Nintendo Switch currently has eight first party games lined up for it, but that still isn't enough to ensure the success of the console. The only hope of more games arriving to the console is the fact that some developers have said that the Switch's hardware and capabilities make it easier for studios to develop games for the console. With that in mind, surely Nintendo can now catch up to the console war that has been raging on between Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's PS4.

As of now, it looks like a lot of people are excited over the release of the Switch, with pre-order lists getting sold-out here and there. Only time will tell if the Nintendo Switch turns out to be another flop or a huge leap forward for Nintendo.

The Nintendo Switch is set for a release on March 3.

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