Naughty Dog Developer Drew Thaler On The Pros and Cons of The Nintendo Switch

A lot of hype is building around the Nintendo Switch, and people are wondering how the console will fair once it hits shelves this March. Naughty Dog developer, Drew Thaler, has a few notes on the device, and it looks like something that gamers can look forward to.

Nintendo Hitting Its Strengths

According to Gaming Bolt, Thaler has been very vocal about the Nintendo Switch on Twitter and has been saying that the console is Nintendo hitting all of its strengths. Thaler writes, "Overall, the Switch is just about exactly what I expected. A lot of very smart moves happening over there. It's a high-def 3DS, it's a lightweight console, it's motion control and casual."

Why Skyrim?

Some fans, however, are not so impressed with some of the games that are coming to the Nintendo Switch. It has been confirmed that the Switch will have The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim available to play on the device, but some fans wonder why newer games like Fallout 4 are not available for the Switch. Thaler then says that the Switch "isn't a big hitter" when it comes to game size and power, so as of now, Skyrim will be the best that it could do, and for a lightweight portable device, it's still pretty impressive.

Publisher Issues

The Switch's success is not only dependent on Nintendo however, as the console's survival will depend on what kind of games will be coming to it. Thaler says that publishers right now are a bit "cautious" of the Switch, and it's the reception of the audiences that will lead more games getting developed for the console. With the pre-order lists selling out for the Switch this early, it may only be a matter of time before more developers get on the Nintendo Switch hype-train.

The Nintendo Switch is set for a release on March 3.

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