Mass Effect: Andromeda To Feature New Planets, 4 Chat Option And New Multiplayer Mode

By Dez Bryant , Jan 20, 2017 07:20 PM EST

This game is already receiving recognitions and it not even release yet. That shows you the magnitude on how great Mass Effect: Andromeda will be. Fans are already craving for this game and they might receive it earlier than expected.

Ever since they’ve released multiple trailers and gameplay, the gaming community wants to know more about the game. It was already announced that it will be released on March 21 this year. However, who knows, they might be releasing it earlier based on the positive remarks that they are getting from notorious video game magazines.

For those who haven’t absorb what this game is all about, a recap is a must. Mass Effect: Andromeda is a role-playing third-person shooting game. This was developed none other by BioWare and published by EA. They already produced multiple Mass Effect game series but Mass Effect: Andromeda is in the best position to outshine its predecessors.

Mass Effect: Andromeda, New Features Leaked Thanks To Reddit User

A Reddit user who is also an avid fan of the game was able to get hold of a February issue of PC gamer magazine. He mentioned that there were numerous updates on Mass Effect: Andromeda and he felt like he is obliged to share it to the world. Sure enough, he did share it. Although it is just a quick summary, it is still a vital info to Mass Effect: Andromeda fanatics.

According to Typherio(reddit user), here are some of the major things he stumbled upon on the magazine. Horde mode multiplayer gets an upgrade. Not like the normal single player game which you can choose what class you want, in multiplayer mode it's a lot different. New planets were also introduced where one of them is a very nasty and hazardous No Man’s Sky like planet. 4 chat option is the latest feature to join the game in which it gives you freedom to choose the personality of your ryder.

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