Pokemon Sun And Moon: Top 5 Ultra Beast And Their Locations

Top 5 Best Ultra Beasts in Pokémon Sun and Moon
Pokemon Sun And Moon did raise their game to another level when they introduced a new line-up of Pokemon. The Ultra Beasts are considered harmful to both people and Pokemon living in the Alola Island. There's a total of five Ultra Beast right now ranked according to players' reaction. Photo : Jethrotex / YouTube

Probably the biggest addition in the new generation of Pokemon is the powerful team of Ultra Beast. A lot has been said about this new type of Pokemon and most of the players are still intrigued on why they are called Ultra Beast.

For us to be able to fully discuss what Ultra Beast is, we need to check first why they are created and why they were suddenly introduced ion the new generation of Pokemon. When we hear the word beast, automatically our subconscious mind will tell us that this being is ruthless or evil. And often times than not we are correct about our notions.

The new generation of Pokemon that was introduced by Pokemon Sun and Moon contains of different types of species. Some are legendary, some are above average, and some were just added to beef up the list. As per reddit user, the reason why this Ultra Beast were created or introduced was to create new dynamics on the game. Which, almost all of the Pokemon S&M players agree.

So far, here’s the current list of Ultra Beast in Pokemon Sun and Moon. They are somewhat subdivided into a certain group as the official site of this game states. We have the UB-01, UB-02 Absorption, UB-02 Beauty, UB-03 Lightning, UB-04 Blade and UB-04 Blaster.

Each of these Ultra Beast has different skillset but they have the same agenda. These creatures possess unique powers that is a threat to all humans and Pokemon. This is the reason behind why they are feared by most beings in Alola Region. Right now, let us check the Top Five Ultra Beast In Pokemon Sun And Moon.

Buzzwole(UB-02 Absorption)

A dual type bug/fighting Pokemon that can literally transform or evolve from any other Pokemon. Buzzwole is a jacked-up mosquito(simplest way to describe him). Adding to his muscular stature is his black spikes and visible white veins. Some experts suggest that the “white veins” are actually stronger than any metal, particularly steel. His black spikes are mainly used for protecting him but also inflicting wounds to his enemy. Its called Absorption type of UB because by absorbing energy of it foes, he grows stronger.

Kartana(UB-04 Blade)

The fighting origami. Well, that’s what it looks like. This humanoid-like grass/steel type Pokemon is very small but his stats are ridiculously awesome. Its base attack is at 181 and a respectable base defense of 131. It might not intimidate most of its opponents due to its size but Kartana’s blade can almost cut through anything. Her build is very effective in both ways. Her sharp blades will do the damage and her paper-like body helps her dodge or evade most of the attacks.

Celesteela(UB-04 Blaster)

A steel/flying type Pokemon that is very weird in appearance. It looks like a bamboo stick that is created in the form of human. According to Aether Foundation, Celesteela can fire a devastating flammable gas using its huge arms. Also her body is designed to absorb nutrients from the soil. Her stats is not that great but it still an above average Pokemon.

Wrapping up our list are Guzzlord and Xurkitree. Initially, when players saw these two Pokemon, they thought that they were on top of the list. Unfortunately as time pass, Pokemon players were able to realize that they haven’t live up their hype. Specifically Guzzlord who looks very imposing but easy to defeat.

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