Aliens On Mars: War Helmet Spotted On Mars Photo

Alien enthusiasts claim to have found an evidence of ancient war on Mars. A war helmet was spotted on a photo of Mars on Sol 2793. Previously UFO hunters also found other related evidences of aliens on Mars including a handgun and what looked like petrified Martian soldier.

This is not the first time a war helmet was found on Mars. Previously, a similar image was captured by the Curiosity rover on a different location. A study published in the Journal of Cosmology suggests that there was an ancient civilization on which was Mars wiped out due to a nuclear war.

UFO hunter, Scott C. Waring said via UFO Sightings Daily that photo this time is more clear and has more details compared to the previous discovery. He added that the war helmet is about the size of a human helmet. "This would really fit perfectly with the alien handgun found a while back," Waring said. The said alien handgun was previously spotted on photo of Sol 3773 snapped by the Curiosity rover.

On the other hand, another report suggests a related evidence of aliens on Mars. A statue of what alien enthusiasts dubbed as "alien soldier," complete with body armor and weapon was found on another Mars photo. The UFO hunter who found the object said it looks artificial and a general consensus of alien believers concludes it is a statue.

"I have processed and colorized this object in an effort to bring out all the details that I believe are there in the raw image. The only thing I have added is a foot, some of which is there in the original image but almost impossible to make out," the UFO hunter said according to Inquisitr.

Meanwhile, NASA is not giving a statement on individual claims and previously denied the existence of aliens on Mars. Some scientists linked such discoveries to over-active imagination and pareidolia. Pareidolia is a type of illusion or misconception which tricks the eyes to seeing familiar shapes in textures like rock surfaces or clouds.

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