Man Shows Evidence Of His Alien Abduction In Satellite Images

An alien hunter revealed he was kidnapped by extraterrestrials. He said he cannot remember what happened during the event. However, he provided proof of the alien abduction from Google Earth's satellite images. His story gathered attention on the internet but most netizens does not belieive his alien story.

This is not the first report of alien abduction this year. Previously, a woman revealed she was abducted by aliens saying that her eggs were extracted as part of an experiment to create an alien-human hybrid. Meanwhile, a man recently confessed that he was abducted by aliens about 17 years ago. He shared that he met "The One" - the godly being who created humans as well as extraterrestrials.

John Mooner, an alien enthusiast and chief photographer for World UFO Photos shared the incident on Monday, Jan. 23. Mooner said he had irregular episodes of missing time throughout 2016 and the previous years. He said he didn't know he was being abducted by aliens until he saw the bizzare images captured by the Google satellite in his home.

Just last week, Mooner said he witnessed a UFO in his home country of Devon. He said he was trying to view the area where he previously saw a UFO but was surprised to discover the abduction instead. He added that the aliens attacked him and the Google satellite captured the abduction taking place. "Looking at the image it appears that the alien has blocked my punch and has grabbed my fist and must of been able to subdue me," he said, cited RT.

He pointed out that he remembered his clothes from the image. "I do remember wearing a black baseball cap and shirt. This is definitely me on the satellite image," he said according to Daily Express. He added that there was green light coming from the UFO at the highest altitude and it left a red glow behind it.

Netizens, even most alien believers are not convinced by his claims. Some commented that there are believable alien abduction stories but Mooner's story lacks definitive evidence. Others believe that the alleged UFO in the image is caused by a technical glitch.

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