Overwatch Celebrates Chinese New Year With Collectible Year Of The Rooster Skins

By Dez Bryant , Jan 25, 2017 09:17 PM EST

In accordance to the incoming Chinese New Year. The developer of the massive game Overwatch is finalizing what they call Year of the Rooster Event. Like any other festivities in the past, the new event will include new skins and mini game.

Over the past year, Overwatch was able to produce numerous events that are related to recent happenings or holidays. Remember when they did their own rendition of the Olympics? How about when they released those spooky Halloween costumes? Lastly, the very joyful Christmas event which allowed players to be creative in dressing up or adjusting each character's costumes.

Overwatch: Year Of The Rooster Event

Well, Chinese New Year is no different. According to their official statement released. Players should watch out for the next few days as they are going to release what they call the “Year of The rooster” event. A lot of hints are already provided on the internet and fans can’t wait for it to try it. There were some negative reactions with the screenshot that was provided especially when they saw Mei’s body figure changed abruptly.

New Skins or costumes are not the only things that players should look forward in the Year of the Rooster event. The developers of the game will also release a mini game called Capture the Rooster. The idea of the game is very simple. Players in opposing teams need to capture the flag of the other team to win the game. The cool thing about this game is, it will be played in an upgraded version of the famed Lijiang Tower.

What Are The Available Skins in The New Event?

There are plenty of things available in the new event. However, players should be mindful on what they are going to buy as Overwatch provided a lengthy list of character skin and cosmetic items in the Year of the Rooster event. This will be applicable and available for the next three weeks.

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