Give Your iPhone And iPad That Nintendo Switch Feel With This iOS Controller

In the event that the Nintendo Switch does an NES Classic and falls short of the demand, it pays to have a backup plan like this new iOS controller that turns iPhones and iPads into a Switch-like console.

Gamevice has produced iOS controllers before but it's getting some airtime right now thanks mainly to the introduction of the Nintendo Switch. In fact, it is taking advantage of the hype of the Switch to introduce its new line of iOS controllers that are playable with iPhone (6 and above) and Apple's stable of tablets particularly the iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad Mini.

Gamevice's controller consists of two main controllers - left and right - that can be attached to the Apple device similar to how the Joy-Con controllers of the Nintendo Switch slip onto the main console or the part that looks like a tablet.

Gamevice vs Other Controllers

What makes Gamevice's device different from other controllers is that it does not require a clamp to keep the smartphone in place.

Another main difference is that the iOS devices connect to the new controllers via the Lightning port while the other controllers require a Bluetooth connection.

Comparison with Other Gamevice Controllers

Digital Trends notes that the current Gamevice controller is similar to those the U.S.-based mobile gaming peripheral manufacturer released in 2015. Both versions sport similar face buttons and joysticks along with a directional pad, shoulder buttons, and triggers. According to Tom's Hardware, the Gamevice controllers are powered by the iOS device through the Lighting port. The company used to place internal batteries in its controllers which are charged separately with the help of a micro-USB port. In the new controllers, the micro-USB port has been ditched in favor of the Lighting port.

A total of 900 games can be played with the new Gamevice iOS controller which come in a mobile app.

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