Final Fantasy XV: Must Have Items Before The Carnival Ends

Before the epic Moogle Chocobo Event ends, there are few things that each player must have which is essential outside the carnival. These items are valuable and players have few days left to obtain them.

It was entertaining, to say the least for avid fans to be able to play one of the most innovative events in Final Fantasy XV. The Moogle Chocobo Event which started a month or two ago provided a new dimension in the game which gave Final Fantasy players a newfound respect for its developer. It shows the dedication of Square Enix and how they value their players.

Unfortunately, Moogle Chocobo Event is about to end. According to a respected web magazine, the event that should have stayed for only about a week stayed longer than expected. Although there was no official press release about the real duration of the event, Final Fantasy XV players are more than satisfied with the addition of this successful event.

But prior to saying goodbye to the event, there are still a lot of things that players need to get hold off. As stated, these items are very useful outside the event. A list of items will be provided below and this, by the way, will not be in order. The idea is for the players to have a checklist of what they need to have and what they need to leave behind once the event ends.

Moogle Chocobo Important Items

Choco-mog Tee Attire. This is usually added when players enter the event or carnival for the first time. The good thing about this attire is, it increases HP rate recovery.

Howling Gust Rod, an item which can only be obtained by catching a special Scorpion Grouper(A Tag). What it does to your character is, it adds 110 defense on its stats.

For those who wants to add a huge amount of attack points on their character, Albireo Reel is a must have. Once you caught a Pigeon grouper with a specific tag(B), it will provide you the item. An increase of 245 attach will be added.

For the complete list of items, you can go ahead and click it right here.

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