Injustice 2: Robin Is Not Your Ordinary Sidekick, Gameplay Unleashed

Injustice 2 - Robin Gameplay Trailer
Another character was revealed today by NetherRealm and this name doesn't need introduction, Robin. The teenage boy who used to be the sidekick of Batman is now a grown man. Now, he is ready to stand on his own. Photo : InjusticeGame / YouTube

NetherRealm must have just introduced the biggest roster in Injustice game history. Right now, there are almost 20 playable characters in the game and we might be seeing more as Ed Boon, the directory of the game hinted.

Every week we get updates from the developers, which is a clever move on their part as they don’t want their die-hard fans from being impatient about the game(sort of). Most of you already know some of the names that aren't on the roster. Superman, Batman, Supergirl and Wonder Woman will headline the epic lineup. However, aside from those confirmed names, there are still characters that will be revealed and will be available as a DLC character.

The most intriguing part is when Ed Boon(Director Of Injustice 2) stated that the game might see characters from another game. He was talking about a possible crossover or character addition from Mortal Kombat X. If this will happen, this might be one of the biggest crossovers in a game. Street fighter and Tekken were able to do it successfully and there’s no doubt that NetherRealm can do it too.

In a recent thread in aRedditt page, they were able to pinpoint some ideas on how to make the gave even better. They were suggesting to add specific characters in the game. Their idea of them being added is to provide new dimension and more exciting storyline. NetherRealm did listen to this suggestion. Two weeks ago, they’ve added one of the best villain in DC history, Darkseid and now, they’ve just released a trailer of Robin. Although there are still a lot of characters that fans wanted to be added on the list such as Red Hood, Robin’s addition will surely revamped the game.

Injustice 2: Robin Is No Longer A Sidekick

Another character that doesn’t need introduction. Everybody who followed DC comics or the game in particular, knows who Robin is. He was a young boy who started training with the Dark Knight himself Batman. Under the watchful eye of Batman, Robin was able to develop his skills in self defense, more importantly, fighting against evil doers. Robin has and always been perceived as a sidekick. But things have changed. Robin, now a grown up, was able to expand his skill. He is now ready to make a name for himself.

In the recent trailer released, you will hear the discussion between Robin and Batman. “I can forgive the deaths”, Batman stated. “I am your only son old man”, Robin replied. It might sound mysterious to anybody but for those who followed their story, we know what they are talking about. Robin’s skillset in the game looks ridiculously awesome. Him being adept using a sword gives him an edge in the game.

Not only he mastered the use of his trusted sword, he is very swift with regards to his movement. The most shocking part of Robin’s offensive arsenal is, he now has the ability to somehow “teleport” by using Ninjitsu techniques that was thought by Batman. His combo in the game is very amusing to watch.

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