For Honor: Ultimate Guide In Knowing All Characters

For Honor has 3 different class with different type or warriors. It would be wise for the players to know which character is the best for them and which character is a threat to their heroes. Photo : Random People Incorporated / YouTube

Ubisoft just released the beta version of For Honor yesterday and it was very successful. This is the biggest game that the massive company was able to develop this year.

For Honor is in a great position to be considered as one of the best games ever released today. Ubisoft again made dozens of surprises and the hype that they’ve created during their first trailer is above and beyond. This game is very engaging as multiple players stated on the official page of For Honor in a Reddit thread.

There are various features that were introduced by Ubisoft and new dimensions that every player was dreaming of. For Honor is an online action hack-slashing game which introduces 3 distinctive classes. These classes have numerous iconic warriors that every player can use. Each of these so-called warriors has different skillset and different ability.

In this feature, we are going to provide a guide on some of the characters on those 3 classes.


Peacekeepers is a female only class but should not be taken lightly. They are build to destroy and kill with an amazing accuracy. They have a lot of weapons that they can use but they prefer a sword and a dagger. They are commonly known as the western-ninja as they somehow share the same principles with the original ninjas. There are a lot of items to choose from in character customization but keeping the Peacekeepers simple, is the best thing for them.


They differ a lot with Peacekeepers. Wardens are the one responsible in making sure that their land and people are safe. They are noble warriors, very intelligent and powerful at the same time. They prefer using two swords with a mixed of armor plate and chain. The most loyal character in the Legion Class.


Basically the hand of justice. Their shield and their weapon is second to none. They are considered as the doom bringers in the game. They will kill anybody who disobeys the rules of the land. They are not that agile like the Peacekeepers but they are more deadly since they have a better defense and their attack is very destructive.


They are the masters of using a katana. Orochi’s are tagged as the “dark samurai” because of its past. They are often compared to a ghost due to their ability to roam around without anybody noticing them. They are very intimidating and mysterious. Their loyalty is second to none. They are light armored which gives them the flexibility to move faster than the others.


Masters of the martial arts and the living incarnation of the Bushido principle. They use a deadly blade called Nodachi, a longer version of katana. The perfectionist in the Samurai class. They can easily dispatch their opponent in 2 or 3 powerful strikes. This character is very elegant to watch as it looks like it is dancing while trying to kill someone.


Berserkers are very savage who doesn’t care if they get killed in the battlefield. They don’t really know nothing about defense. They are chaotic but prolific with their attacks. They can pile up the deaths of their enemies quicker than anybody. If you want a suicidal character, better get the Berserkers.


They act as a shield or protectors of their people. Being a warlord means you have gone through a lot of hardships. With that said, they are the hardest character to kill in the game. They might not have the same elegance as the Kensei when they kill somebody, but their simple and brutal method gets the work done.

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