Pokemon Duel: Everything You Need To Know About The Game

Pokemon, in general, has taken the gaming world by storm. They have proven already that they are one of the major players and they are not yet done in providing innovative games. Recently they just released Pokemon Duel and this game is a little bit different.

With the latest success that Pokemon GO and Pokemon Sun and Moon are enjoying, it is very wise to publish or create another game that is connected with Pokemon. As per the latest report, for the past 6 months, these two games not only broke their company’s records but flourished game sales across the board. The game is a worldwide phenomenon and they’ve reached those unworldly number without their game being playable in China.

Now going back to their latest game, as mentioned this is a lot different. In this game, you don’t really need to catch or hunt for a Pokemon, what you need is a good strategy

Pokemon Duel: New But Surprisingly Addictive Game

When they released Pokemon Duel, they thought that it was a mistake or accident from the developers. The western countries were absolutely surprised about it but didn’t waste any time to download it. Like Pokemon GO when it was first introduced, Pokemon Duel is free to play the game. It was technically released in Japan last 2016 under the name Pokemon Co-Master. The idea of the game is very simple but complex in a way.

Players need to outthink their opponents as this game is treated like chess. The game will consist of 6 Pokemon with two teams squaring off. The goal is to capture the opponent’s base by maneuvering your way from one spot to another. There are at least 28 possible places for your Pokemon to occupy, which makes the game really hard for those who are not fond of playing chess.

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