WWE Champions: New Game With Different Style, Details Inside

WWE Champions mobile game available now
WWE Champions is a brand new game that was introduced yesterday. It is a wrestling game with a little bit of twist. As per reports, WWE Champions is one of the most downloaded mobile game yesterday. Photo : WWE / YouTube

Apparently, there’s a new mobile game in town and it involves the gameplay of candy crush and wrestling game. WWE Champions was released the other day and a lot of wrestling fans did download this app.

WWE Champions is an RPG Puzzle game. Sounds puzzling? RPG Puzzle game means that they’ve integrated two distinctive gameplay and blend it to make one spectacular game. The game is for free so better download right now before they charge it. The game is very innovative and addictive. Although it was just released yesterday, the game already received numerous feedbacks from the gaming community.

WWE Champions And Its Popularity

It is no secret that WWE is the greatest Wrestling company in history. They’ve been in the business for a long time right now. They’ve also manage to released multiple games such as Raw vs Smackdown and the epic WWE 2K17. What makes WWE games addictive? Simple, legions of fans of WWE will now have the capability to play their favorite wrestlers in the game. They can also relieve those legends from the past and check if they can stand against the present superstars.

Some of the fans are not really surprised when they released WWE Champions during this year. As every wrestling fans now, WWE is about to begin the road to Wrestlemania, and we are talking about Royal Rumble 2017. A yearly event that is considered as one of the top four main events in WWE. Every year, they will tend to release a video game or an update of an existing video game nearing Royal Rumble.

WWE Champions: Gameplay

Well, as stated on top, WWE Champions will include the integration of a puzzle game. If you are familiar with candy crush then you will be successful in this game. The idea of WWE Champions is to check whether or not if their fans are still interested once they put a little mix on their game. Basically, once a player was able to solve a problem, the corresponding character or wrestler will perform a certain move. The harder the puzzle the harder the move. There are already gameplays surrounding the internet and it is very wise to check them.

WWE Champions: Roster

WWE Champions will not only parade active or present stars. As seen in the video, they introduced hall of famers and legends of WWE. This will only be the time where you can set up a match against Macho Man Randy Savage versus Dean Ambrose or any present superstars versus legends in the past. Some of the names included in the game are, Stone Cold Steve Austin, The Rock, The Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and the Cenation Leader, John Cena.

WWE Champions will also provide not only 1 on 1 matches but players can do tag-team battles. This is another feature that is very entertaining as you will enjoy the battle not with the computer but with your friends as well. Be sure to catch this game.

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