Samsung Assures 'Galaxy Note 8' Safety, To Feature 4K Display

With its goal of resurging to the top and gaining its trust back to the people, Samsung will definitely be coming out with new handsets this year, assuredly later. One single particular handset that people are looking forward to is the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung making bold moves

There is no doubting that branding the latest phablet in line with its disastrous Note 7 predecessor is a bold move for Samsung. Some people have even suggested they should scrap the Note series from its roster after a very small fraction of its Galaxy Note 7 exploded.

But it seems Samsung is taking the risk and decided it will continue on with its Note lines with the coming of Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung to have different battery supplier for its Note 8

Now that it has been finally revealed that the main cause of the Note 7's explosions is its ill-fitted battery in its cramped-up casing, Samsung is now taking extra precautions of sourcing its battery from a new supplier, UniversityHerald reported. Reports are saying that Samsung has contracted LG's subsidiary, LG Chem, to provide batteries for the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

Therefore, the Galaxy Note 8 is indeed happening and is a surefire thing to hit this year.

The Note 8 will be better, safer, and more innovative

True to the promise of making the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 a very impressive handset, it has been speculated that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be outfitted with a 4K display to further maximize the Note 8's VR capabilities. ValueWalk has reported that it will also feature a processing power bump, a new dual-camera technology, and quite possibly, more RAM to top it off.

It will also receive an updated S-pen stylus, and the most awaited AI feature, Bixby. Bixby is Samsung's new Artificial Intelligence technology after officially purchased Viv Labs, the creators of Siri.

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