Pokemon Go Tips And Tricks: Acquring 1K Prestige Per Minute

By Sarene Mae Butao , Feb 03, 2017 04:20 AM EST

Prestige points in Pokemon Go serves as the gym XP and can be earned through training in a friendly gym. However, some players are having trouble in earning few prestige points with every gym battle. Thankfully, one trainer named QuantumOverload discovered a trick and was kind enough to share it publicly. This newly found strategy would be a great help to level up the friendly gyms. In addition, reaching a level 10 gym in a short amount of time.

According to the report from Otakukart, there are several possible strategies upon earning a great amount of prestige points per minute. This includes Dodging Strategy, Switching Strategy and Quitting Stategy. Aside from the three mentioned tactics, players are also encouraged to favorite their prestigers and keep them fully healed in order to save time looking for these Pokemon. These prestigers are Pokemon used for either attacking enemy gyms or training friendly ones.

Based on the guide, Dodging Strategy might be a counterproductive if the goal is to save more time since players are suggested to dodge everything. However, it allows players to use more fragile attackers that deal superior DPS. On the other hand, the Switching Strategy suggests to keep your Pokemon until the next battle. Then, perform 2 or 3 attacks and dodge the first two attacks before switching out, while dodge again just before the switch arrives. As a result, the player will take a reduced damage. However, if only the player has a fully charged bar and the previous Pokemon is not fragile against the new defender, use the charged attack after the first two defenders before substitution.

Lastly, the Quitting Strategy is to analyze the friendly gym's line up. QuantumOverload explains to only engage into training when there's a lot of easy Pokemon before the top tier gym defenders. If not, the player should not waste his time since it only gives few prestige points.

Overall, it is recommended to also train on a gym even if the trainer is already in it. In addition, try to motivate the team and keep them active while demoralizing the opposing teams. In this way, the player can reduce the active population of other teams while slowly building his own.


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