Pokemon Go Update: New Gym System Makes Gym Training Easier

Niantic Labs has currently announced their next major updates in their augmented reality game Pokemon Go. The game rose into popularity since it was released on major parts of the world. However, the numbers declined rapidly after how many months. Currently, Niantic is doing all their efforts to make the game regain its composure and take the top spot. With Niantic CEO John Hanke's recent interview, it has been revealed that the company is now focusing on improving the current gym system to make it easier and convenient.

According to Attack of the Fanboy, the new Pokemon Go gym system will focus on the training aspect of the feature where players of the same team can now bring a maximum of six Pokemon to train instead of the previous one. Niantic said that the goal of this latest update will enable weaker Pokemon to contribute when training a gym. As we all know, the concept of the gym battle is to build it up, add some friends' Pokemon and making for the rival teams difficult to take over.

In addition, current CP of the Pokemon you are training with in Pokemon Go will be temporarily adjusted to match your current Pokemon's capabilities. Based on the reports from Otakukart, for instance, if you have a 1000CP Snorlax and your training with a 2000CP Lapras, the 2000CP Lapras will be temporarily adjusted to 1000CP to meet your Snorlax's capabilities. It has been clarified that the adjustment will only be applicable during training and it will not work if you are on the other team's gym.

Low level trainers are mostly the ones who can benefit from this new update of Pokemon Go. Aside from being able to contribute to their respective gyms, they can also earn more XP and stardust when leveling up the gyms. This effort from Niantic helps bridge the gap to both the trainers' level and Pokemon CP levels.


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