‘Ghost In The Shell' New Trailer Shows Scarlett Johansson In Action

‘Ghost In The Shell' New Trailer Shows Scarlett Johansson In Action
Paramount Pictures has just released a short trailer for "Ghost in the Shell" featuring Scarlett Johansson kicking some more enemies' butts. The full version of the trailer will be released this weekend. Photo : Paramount Pictures Japan (パラマウント・ピクチャーズ(日本版)/YouTube

Paramount Pictures has just released the latest trailer for the movie, “Ghost in the Shell”. The new video teaser reveals footage of Scarlett Johansson in character and in action. The trailer, which was titled “Big Game Spot” was reported to be a sneak peek of what the studio is planning to showcase soon.

With just a couple of months before the Hollywood movie adaptation “Ghost in the Shell” premieres, Paramount Pictures has been diligent in promoting it. The said studio, especially in its Japan branch, has been releasing trailers featuring characters as well as a glimpse of the story. But this time, the brief trailer revealed Scarlett Johansson as The Major getting into action as she goes against enemies that are as bizarre as her.

The short trailer headed on to showcase what The Major can do as a cyborg bent on thwarting the criminal activities of hackers while trying to find the truth at the same time. The skills of her enemies are shown as well. The trailer “Big Game Spot” takes on the theme that whoever took in The Major did not save her life but instead stole it. Aside from that, the trailer also boasts more of the stunning computer graphics animation evident in the film, with one scene featuring a part of The Major’s cyborg face being detached from her.

The short trailer for “Ghost in the Shell” is a snippet of what Paramount Pictures is gearing up to release, which is the full version of the said trailer. The full trailer will be shown at the up and coming celebrated Super Bowl LI, which will kick off on Sunday, Feb. 5. The movie then will make its premiere in cinemas on March 31 in the United States.

Johansson has been cast the lead role of the Hollywood movie adaptation, The Major, the main character in the “Ghost in the Shell” franchise. The Major as depicted in the original manga series, where the Hollywood film was adapted from, is named Major Motoko Kusanagi. Major Kusanagi was forced into a full body prosthesis after she got into a tragic accident when she was just a child, hence turning her into a cyborg.

When it was first announced that Johansson will be taking up the role of Major Motoko Kusanagi, fans were in an uproar. They were enraged that the well-known and novel Japanese manga series will be portrayed by a non-Asian in its live-action movie. The complaints might have died down but fans of the “Ghost in the Shell” series are still keen on seeing how Johansson will portray The Major.

Given Johansson’s track record as a versatile actress and even landing the long-running role of the deadly femme fatale, Black Widow in the Marvel movie adaptations, fans can rest assure that she will deliver a convincing performance. If the trailers for “Ghost in the Shell” were not enough to prove that she is capable of portraying The Major, the actress actually put on her utmost efforts and time in making the movie. She reportedly moved to New Zealand, where the principal photography of the movie took place, so she can focus on it full-time.

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