Is Alien Mystery Finally Solved? NASA Engineers Take A Quick Snap Selfie With The Alleged Alien, Details Inside

On Wednesday, alien enthusiasts were even more perplexed after they have allegedly captured an image that would become a strong proof of UFO existence. A number of keen-eyed conspiracy theorists were reported to have spotted a strange circular object that was found on Google Earth satellite images of NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory near Los Angeles. Majority of these claims say that the mysterious object was a flying saucer that has been parked on the runway. Now, the bizarre internet conspiracy theory about NASA hiding a flying saucer in its not so publicly exposed Californian research lab has been finally been debunked.

Is Alien Mystery Finally Solved?

According to reports revealed by Daily Mail, after the spread of the speculations about the so-called UFO, NASA engineers have been quick in dismissing such claims by taking a selfie with the mysterious shape. Dr. Nacer Chahat, NASA scientist was said to have responded to a tweet who allegedly posted a link to an article on the so-called UFO claiming that what other people thinks to be a UFO was actually him. It was found that in Dr. Chahat's picture, it shows an image of him standing with a colleague near the object, which appears to be a storage container.

Selfie With The Alleged Alien

Apparently, as reported by The Sun, the UFO-hoax-buster's UFO Of Interest earlier claimed that the saucer was actually the Mesa facility's 3,000-foot range antenna. It was found that the JPL or Jet Propulsion Laboratory is in fact, home to the Mesa Antenna Measurement Facility, which is considered to track and send communications to aircraft. Ultimately, the JPL, near Los Angeles is also known to be the birthplace of the US' first satellite to orbit the Earth which now acts as the headquarters for exploratory missions to study distant planets and asteroids.


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