Not Just Once But Four Times! NASA Gets Busted After It Has Tried To Cover An Alleged UFO For 4 Times; But Why?

NASA has once again been put to the spotlight after is has allegedly covered up a UFO nearby the space station. Apparently, this is not the first time NASA has done this act. In the last seven months alone, UFO enthusiasts and a significant number of conspiracy theorists say there have been a remarkable four reported instances where live feeds from the International Space Station have been cut off everytime mysterious objects appear. Thus, speaking of conspiracy theorists, the latest claims include that of an astronaut doing the regular routine of spacewalk, who have seemed to have blocked out an alleged UFO with his hand that came into camera shot on a live stream and that NASA cut another video feed which moments after a strange orb appeared on camera. What does this indicate then, are aliens just a usual sighting for astronauts?

NASA Gets Busted After Covering A UFO For The Nth Time

According to reports revealed by Express, some of the footages that have reportedly been interrupted on January 20 were caused by the space station's High Definition Earth Viewing experiment. Authorities from NASA said that it could probably be either the cameras are just switching or it could also be that the station was currently experiencing a temporary loss of signal at the time. Consequently, instances like that have led to some wild conspiracy theories to be speculated, which includes the ISS being simultaneously watched almost daily by UFOs, but the space agency wants to keep it from the public for some reasons.

Conspiracy Theorists On The Alleged UFO Cover Up Activity

Meanwhile, in of his statements reported by Daily Star, renowned UFOlogist that goes by the name "Streetcap1" said that although the unknown object was very distant, NASA has been so quick in cutting the live feed immediately. On the other hand, another group of famous YouTubers named Secure Team 10 had noticed an astronaut covering the lens of a camera on the International Space Station. A person named Tyler, one of the members of Secure Team 10 has claimed that everytime they spot something mysterious, they do not only see a supposed UFO to be flying overhead but adds that they are also going to see the astronaut attempt to hide this activity by putting his hand in front of the camera. Ultimately, it was found that through all these bizarre claims, NASA has yet to respond or tell anything to the public about these happenings.



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