Top Secret UFO Documents From The Ministry Of Defense, Finally Revealed; What Does It Say? Details Inside

In its 40th anniversary event, the 1997 Broad Haven Triangle sightings have once again been put to the spotlight after the executives from the Ministry of Defense had also recently launched a top-secret probe into one of Britain's most notorious mass UFO sighting cases 40 years ago at the height of the Cold War. Consequently, the event has generated a significant number of UFO enthusiasts to have been baffled. Experts believe that as the so-called explosive novel reveals the details of a declassified MoD document which suggests top-ranking officials to have carried out a covert inquiry into the 1977 sightings in Wales.

Top Secret UFO Documents

According to reports revealed by Express, in the year 1977, after several people have claimed to have seen lights and objects hovering in the sky and an unknown creature being in a metallic space suit, the Broad Haven area has then been gripped by UFO and paranormal fever. One of the claims regarding the area is that poltergeists had allegedly plagued one family; animals were seen cowering and ghostly figures have reportedly peered into farmhouse windows. It was found that among the eyewitnesses to the said incident, 14 children were found to have drawn similar pictures of a craft said to have landed near their school. 30 years after the bizarre happenings, a renowned author of the book "The Watchers" by Neil Spring, has researched the documents after they were sent to the National Archives.

The Ministry Of Defense

In one of his statements reported by Daily Star, Neil has revealed that he was skeptic as he visits Broad Haven, but has said that he came away convinced knowing that some of the locals knew far more about the mysterious occurrences of 1977 than they are seemingly willing to reveal. Furthermore, among the documents exposed by Neil, it was found that there was a letter from the MOD to the RAF which has revealed the number of the alleged "level-headed" witnesses to the strange activity and he called for a "discreet enquiry". As of press time, it was found that MOD officials have yet to show public interest in the sightings. Ultimately, authorities from the MOD has highly emphasized that they believe there was no threat to national security but has not spoken anything whether the documents were factual or merely allegations.


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