SpeedX Unicorn: A Kickstarter High-End Bike, Equipped With Key Metric

By Mae Cervantes , Feb 04, 2017 01:55 PM EST

Speed X is an advanced bicycle, like other customary brands, that come to showcase with a quick achievement of various models. It turned to be the most-funded projects on Kickstarter. Recently, the company has showcased Unicorn, which is an alternate sort of bicycle that delivers a more high-end experience.

The crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter has reached its initial goal of $50,000. In addition, the latest bike was unveiled at the recently concluded CES. The best thing is over 250 backers pledged enough money to ensure the production worldwide in April.

Designed With Comfort Obsession

The Speed X Unicorn is the first bicycle ever to be furnished with VCS, absorb bumps and smooth out vibrations, while enhancing control and speed. It is powered by a power meter. It tracks and analyzes the cycling information like a pro rider. It has built-in sensors and GPS, as per Cyclist.

It can monitor the cycling data on the SpeedForce. It has a 2.2-inch touchscreen cycling display. It also offers a thickened glass touchscreen, which is clearly visible even under the direct exposure of sunlight.

Re-Engineered Smart Bike

According to Tech.Co, it has a SpeedForce with an Android operating system. The bike is featured with sensors such as GPS, automatic monitor for speed and cadence, a barometer that measures altitude, integrated compass, temperature sensor and movement detector.

It also comes with ANT+ connectivity, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. It can track the distance traveled and offers an updated weather alerts real-time. In addition, it also monitors the segment time of cycling, heart rate and even count how calories are being burned.

The Speed X Unicorn features an amazing battery life, which can last more than 20 hours. Along with the SpeedForce, it has a wireless button, which allows users to switch screens while tracking the users' activities. It is also connected with an Android and iOS app, which gathers all the data automatically.


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