Make Way For The Best TVs At CES 2017

The next generation TVs are always one of the biggest attraction at CES. Only a few days to go before the biggest tech event of all times and CES has already revealed a slight glimpse of the amazing technology that no one might want to miss this year. The future is coming and it is going to be totally something that no one would have thought of ever.

What Are The Major Attractions?

Samsung, Sony, LG and Panasonic are all going to make their trip to Vegas quite memorable and to all who are going to be a part of it, as everyone is expecting a lot from them this time. All eyes would be on the Televisions this time, which were said be brighter and sharper than the ones that had seen before. The top agenda this season would be the 4K Ultra HD, OLED and High Dynamic Range Televisions, which are surely going to set a benchmark this year. Also, along with these usual upgrades many reports have come up about paper-thin screens that are capable of being rolled up.

Smart Televisions At CES 2017

Samsung and Sony are both going to have a major press conference on Jan. 4 to unveil the major upcoming innovations at CES 2017. Samsung though has already given a glimpse of some of the technologies that the company is going to showcase. Similarly, the Korean tech giant has already informed that they would introduce three new smart TV services at CES 2017.

The new services that they have included in their new smart TV would be Sports, Music, and TV Plus, which will offer a great personalized experience to their consumers according to their own preferences. All the channels will be customized by the user interface and the users will no longer have to flip through their channels every time, to look for their favorite shows.

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