The Future Of Siri, Alexa, Cortana And Other AI Assistants Unveiled

By Jomar Teves , Feb 07, 2017 05:40 AM EST

The 2017 Voice Report is a sneak peek at what to expect in the upcoming chat wars between companies like Microsoft, Google, Samsung, and Amazon. It's also a survey of Google Assistant and Alexa users, and a glimpse at why some startups make more successful Alexa skills than others.

The report was put together by VoiceLabs, a voice analytics startup company tapped by Google for the launch of its Actions on Google, as well as a platform for the creation of Google Assistant actions.

2017 Predictions Of AI Assistants

With that being said, here are 4 of the most interesting predictions from the 2017 Voice Assistants Report, courtesy of VentureBeat:

People Are Not Interested In Going For Multiple AI Assistants

A lot of consumers have not yet decided which AI assistant they like best, but they have decided that they aren't interested in buying multiple AI-powered assistants. During its December 2016 survey, VoiceLabs found that only 11% of the population are willing to buy multiple devices that feature different AI Assistants.

No AI Assistant Will Dominate The Others As Everything Is Somehow Equal In Popularity

There are no breakout hits at the current moment among the 8,000 Alexa skills and approximately 75 Google Assistant conversation actions. Overall The popularity is balanced between the number of available AI Assistants out there.

The Number Of Devices Sold Will Quadruple

TheWallStreetJournal estimates that 6.5 million voice-enabled devices were sold in '15 and '16 and that an additional 24.5 million will be sold throughout 2017 alone. This will bring overall sales to a whopping 33 million since 2014.

The report says that VoiceLabs arrived at that number by combining estimates of Consumer Intelligence Research Partners devices that were sold with receipt tracking by InfoScout and KPCB research.

AI Assistant Developers Will Compete Like Never Before

Developers of AI assistants did a pretty good job after they have individually developed their own AI assistant versions successfully. Now, with the Artificial Intelligence Assistant industry growing more than ever, these developers will battle it out to determine who has the best AI assistant in the market.

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