Google Pixel XL vs Galaxy Note 7: Can Google's Phablet Carry The Torch Of Samsung's Ill-Fated Flagship?

After the major failure of the Samsung´s Galaxy Note 7, the big question has not only been what the South Korean phone maker do, but also which phone would carry its torch. The one that many people see as the best candidate is the Google Pixel XL, thanks to a number of features that makes it one of the best mobile devices in the market.

In order to know if this is accurate or not, here is a brief analysis of the most important features of this phone, comparing it with many others of its kind.

Google Pixel XL Camera

Although it is one of the best anyone can have, the Google Phablet´s camera can´t be compared with Samsung and LG phones in dimly light environments, as reported by Tech Radar. For example, the Galaxy A9 Pro is equipped with an incredible 16MP camera that boasts OIS, which is something that most competitors can´t.

Google Pixel XL Battery Life

This is definitely one of the best features of the Google Pixel XL, considering the fact that its battery can last more than a day, thanks to its 3450mAh capacity. The most amazing detail is that its battery life is even greater than the Samsung S7, which lasts the same as the Galaxy Note 7, with a running time of aroudn 24 hours.

However, the Google Pixel XL's main competitor in this particular aspect is this Moto Z, since this smartphone can last the same (some even say a little bit more) battery life because of its 3,500mAh capacity. This also makes it a phone that anyone can use for hours without the charger, according to GSMArena.

Google Pixel XL Design And Display

In this feature, the Google Pixel XL can´t do anything against many other phones, since its design is very simple and it doesn't have many remarkable details. This lack of style is precisely what many other smartphones such as iPhone 7, LG V20, Galaxy A8 or Galaxy A9 Pro has, being so nicely designed that people often compare them to a work of art.

Google Pixel XL Specs

Not even one big Android phone launched this year can face the Google Pixel XL in this feature, considering that this probably the first smartphone consumers will be able to try with Qualcomm´s Snapdragon 821 processor, while the rest is still using the Snapdragon 820.

According to Tech Radar, this detail means that the new System-on-a-chip guarantees a better performance to the tune of a 10 percent increase in speed, which is definitely the dream of every sinsmartphonepone user. Also, it allows users to open any set of apps at the same time, thanks to the device's 4 GB of RAM.

Although there is probably no phone on the market that can compare with the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, the Google Pixel XL could be the one who carry its torch, until the South Korean phone maker releases the expected Galaxy Note 8.

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