Pokemon GO Valentine's Day Update: What We Know So Far

By Alvin Elfwine , Feb 08, 2017 04:30 AM EST

Although Niantic has yet to officially announce it, most Pokemon GO players are already expecting a new event this month. This is in line to Valentine's Day, which is believed to bring forth various interesting things. But what exactly will this event bring? Is it true that a new feature is coming to hit the mobile game? These are but worthy of investigating.

In Pokemon GO, one of the things that keep fans afloat is the introduction of events. After all, these are considered as the biggest activity within the community. With the Heart's Day just a few days away, players can't help but wonder what sort of things the studio will introduce.

According to Forbes, there might be an increase in the Buddy Rewards of Pokemon GO. This is purely based on the players' love towards their Pokemon, which are their buddies in the journey. Rewards might either be doubled or quadrupled, something that's been implemented in the past (and have reaped overwhelming results). So far, in the history of the game's events, the Halloween season was the most memorable.

Also a hot topic within the Pokemon GO community is the possible introduction of a new feature. It's no other the Breeding System, which has long been in the rumor mill since time immemorial. In one way or another, it makes total sense. Nonetheless, there are those who believe it might not arrive. This is most especially that Niantic is known for hoarding major features or updates.

Pokemon GO players can also expect an increase in terms of spawn rates. This will give the game a unique feeling. Or perhaps, amiable Pokemon will take the spot and reign during this event. Chancey, for instance, will spawn significantly in areas or locations it never did. Again, this one here somehow mirrors the way the studio brought the Halloween event.

As of this writing, nothing official has been made or made known to the Pokemon GO community. Still, the aforementioned are very likely to happen. With Valentine's Day just a few days away, Niantic might finally shed some light in the next days to come.

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