Is Pokemon GO Really Dead Or It Just Needs A Restart Button?

Sure, Pokemon GO is still alive and kicking; however, if most of the fans were to be asked, they'd say it's been dead for all they care. While it holds true that Niantic has been faithful in releasing updates, it seems the community needs more than those. Players believe that the game would've reached far greater heights if and only if the studio unleashed significant improvements or updates. Unfortunately, it happens to be the other way around.

At first, Pokemon GO became a quick hit in the market. It broke records after records, defeating longtime standouts such as Supercell's Clash of Clans. However, for players who've been playing it for quite some time now, the popular augmented reality game has simply become boring. It has gotten to a point where regardless of updates, no advancement can be achieved, as noted by SlashGear.

The publication suggests that Niantic should consider adding a reset button of sort for Pokemon GO. This feature will basically allow players to, well, reset their game and find another way of enjoying it. Take for instance EA's Titanfall. In the latter, players are allowed to reset their gameplay whenever they like. As a result, they get to experience the game differently each time.

The aforementioned feature can certainly work miracles for Pokemon GO. Unfortunately, many believe that it's impossible for such to be implemented. This is primarily due to the fact that the studio never wanted to do such capability. In all honesty, regardless of the title's popularity, the company has a small staff. And perhaps, with the amount of players, they're having a hard time meeting demands.

Still, the question remains: Is Pokemon GO dead? Sure, it's still there -- obviously. Sadly, the spirit of the first release is nowhere to be found. And sure enough, Niantic will have to go the extra miles in order to bring it back. For now, though, only time can tell. With the existence of newer and exciting games in the market, it's almost possible to think that PoGO will soon close its curtains.

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