WWE 2K17 News: Game Is Already Available In PC, Here's What We Know

By Shayne Caravana , Feb 08, 2017 09:57 AM EST

WWE 2K17 is now available on PC. Players have been waiting for the arrival of the action-packed game in their console. The game will have the same packages offered for PS4 and Xbox One. Different DLCs are also expected to be available.

Different Editions Of WWE 2K17 Will Be Offered For PC Users

The standard edition will cost $50. It will have the Goldberg DLC plus the base game. According to Wrestle Zone, the players can use two versions of Bill Goldberg. They can also access Monday Nitro and Halloween Havoc arenas.

Next, the deluxe edition of WWE 2K17 has a price of $75. This will include the Goldberg DLC and Season Pass, as per GameSpot. The pass will include MyPlayer Kick Start that will allow the players to unlock any wrestling superstars.

The Accelerator will give the players the access to all the unlockable content in the Purchasable section. The New Moves pack will give the players the chance to use the popular moves of different wrestlers when engaged in a match. Lastly, they can access the last DLC called Hall of Fame Showcase.

Other Details About WWE 2K17 For PC

Before 2K brought WWE 2K17 for PC, the developer made game improvements. First, the players will be able to control the wrestlers properly. Also, the developer brought back the playable backstage. The last improvement is the updated gameplay system.

Players can now customize their own wrestler using Creation Suite. The roster will consist of 135 wrestlers from WWE and NXT. Lastly, the players can experience what it is like being a WWE superstar in MyCareer Mode.

In addition, players using PC are overjoyed when they learned that WWE 2K17 arrived for their platform. Hopefully, the positive feedbacks will keep on coming because 2K made sure that the game is even better than the other installments.

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