Overwatch Update: Bastion Receives Massive Changes, Details Revealed

Overwatch players have seen a lot of new stuff in the past few weeks or so. This is thanks to Blizzard being the ever supportive studio that it is. And now, the video game company is once again on the roll. A new update has been released to the game's PTR (Public Test Region). This time around, it rather focuses on a popular hero -- Bastion.

The new Overwatch update has been the topic in every discussion within the community. According to Polygon, it's currently now available in PTR, allowing players to run a test on it. It basically arrived with the talked-about buffs and whatnots exclusively for the aforementioned hero. Interestingly, the balance changes made to the character are quite substantial.

Blizzard iterates that the goal of the aforesaid Overwatch update is to "move some of Bastion's power form Configuration: Sentry to Recon." This along with the aim to keep the Sentry mode still a formidable option for the players. This is most especially when countering tanks and/or barriers when in the game. The video game company promises that the overall change will only make the hero stronger and more flexible, contrary to what some fans think.

It's worth noting that most of these changes significantly affects Bastion's turret-like Sentry Configuration in Overwatch. That's because it now grants the character additional armor and, more importantly, requires only a small amount of time when it comes to transformation. But of course, the studio wouldn't just give these advantages to the hero without nerfing him a bit. To balance these, he's taking a larger bullet spread while those headshot and critical damages were being removed.

Furthermore, the Overwatch hero will project a much larger magazine whenever he walks around with the Recon configuration. But among these changes, Blizzard made a remarkable shift. The hero's self-repair is now quite useful than it was before.

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