Why New Heroes Aren't Coming To Overwatch Anytime Soon

There's no doubt that Overwatch is a great game. Heck, most of its fans may even argue that it's on top of today's team-based shooter titles. However, one can't deny the fact that when it comes to hero introduction, Blizzard is a little bit slow in this department. This is definitely worth investigating nonetheless.

Sombra is the newest hero to arrive at Overwatch. Her addition resulted to the roster having a total of 23 heroes all in all. She arrived following Ana, the sniper specialist who has the ability to heal teammates. It's worth noting, though, that Sombra's inclusion to the game came exactly four months after Ana's.

It's no secret that in today's genre of such, Overwatch is the slowest when it comes to hero production. While many may think that it's a topic not worthy of discussion, it actually is. According to VG247, such process could somehow affect the very core gameplay of the title as well as its meta. Regardless, the question is why it is taking Blizzard so long.

In any other MOBA like Overwatch, heroes are typically added to the roster with an interval of at least 4 weeks (1 month) or so. Sure, it may be a crime to compare these games because after all, they differ significantly. However, the interesting part here is the fact that these heroes from other titles -- despite being released early -- still make huge impacts. They don't necessarily mess up with the entirety of the game.

The aforementioned publication states that this all boils down to how Blizzard has been marketing Overwatch since day one. For instance, Sombra wasn't just released right then and there. There was some sort of ARGs and whatnots, all pointing to the hero's forthcoming existence. Simply put, the studio wants to make the revelation big so as to make the introduction phenomenal. And so far, this has been the story of the game's heroes since then. It has been successful, too.

The rumored Overwatch hero in line is Doomfist. So far, being the studio that they are, Blizzard has yet to reveal any solid information. If not for the community, Doomfist wouldn't be a hot topic of today. If anything else, actor Terry Crews could voice this new character.

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