Overwatch Update: Full List Of Rewards Coming To Competitive Play Season 3

The Competitive Play of Overwatch has never been the same. Just a few months ago, Blizzard took the initiative to tweak its placement system. While the reception was quite okay, there were those who didn't find it interesting. Still, they got no choice but to stick around. Today, rewards are expected to arrive to the mode's 3rd season.

According to PVPLive, each season in the aforementioned Overwatch mode will last for about two and a half months. This means that in one calendar year, there are at least 4 seasons to experience. With the current season nearing its end, the studio is set to bring rewards -- from Sprays to Player Icons to Competitive Points, among others. These, in one way or another, are believed to offer a theme based on one of the game's maps -- Volskaya Industries, that is.

Apart from the ones mentioned above, Overwatch players who are lucky enough to enter the Top 500 are in for a huge treat. That's because they'll be invited to the professional Discord of the game (though it remains unofficial as of this writing). It's worth noting that this means having the opportunity to be signed in by professional teams in the scene.

As for Competitive Points rewards in Overwatch, these are tied up to the players' seasonal rank. Fortunately, these can be spent on buying exclusive golden weapon skins for the characters of their choice. For now, these kinds of weapons are the only rewards that fans will be able to utilize points on. However, the title's game director Jeff Kaplan promises "to add some more rewards" in the future.

In terms of Overwatch seasonal Spray and Icons, players will be receiving the ones designed consistently with Volskaya. Back in the first season, the rewards were inspired by Illios while the next season after that was centered on Route 66. For players who will reach the Top 500, they're bound to receive unique player icons as well as an animated version of the current season's spray.

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