‘NCIS Los Angeles’ Season 8 Spoilers, News And Updates: Kensi Not Hiding Pregnancy Anymore? Story Plot May Change Due To New Baby?

Eric Christian who plays Deeks and Daniela Ruah who plays Kensi in "NCIS Los Angeles" Season 8 teased their fans by saying that the coming episodes will have "some really, really great things coming" with respect to their particular characters. They offered their comments about the show while they were on the set back in July.

The two have revealed a number of things that may be expected by fans of the hit TV series. It involves the development of their characters in "NCIS Los Angeles" Season 8. Ruah teasingly stated: "As most of you may have noticed or not, I have a baby in my belly."

Some spoilers about "NCIS Los Angeles" Season 8 say that Kensi will face some struggles. She will be coping with the demands of being a mother - one of the most difficult missions she could ever take. In episode 11 of the show, she will show her attempts of meeting the demands of being a mother, at home and at work.

It may seem that this scenario might not be too demanding in terms of acting and camera work. But some spoilers of "NCIS Los Angeles" Season 8 say that there will still be exciting action scenes in the upcoming episodes. These types of activities are what the show is known for.

There will also be an important person missing in "NCIS Los Angeles" Season 8 episode 11. He is a Navy Lieutenant Commander allegedly working for the NSA to stop online threats of some sort. The NCIS LA team will be tasked to investigate his disappearance and look deeply into the matter.

But avid fans of "NCIS Los Angeles" Season 8 will have to wait a little while since the show is currently on break. "NCIS Los Angeles" Season 8 episode 11 is slated on Dec. 18, 2014, which is not too long from now. Meanwhile, fans can watch out for more spoilers and updates of the show.

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