Disney Promises New 'Aladdin' Movie Will Be Culturally Diverse And Authentic

By Rae Mendez , Feb 10, 2017 02:09 AM EST

The producers working behind the live action movie adaptation of “Aladdin” has just announced that they will be making sure that the said movie will be authentic and culturally diverse. The comment came out when fans demanded that the movie should not be white-washed. Disney said they will stick to the characters' cultural background, unlike the movie, “Prince of Persia”.

Though Disney has not yet decided on the cast, producer Dan Lin has already let out that they are keen on looking for a diverse cast for the live action film adaption of “Aladdin”. The classic Disney animated movie starred the infamous peddler Aladdin, who found a magic lamp with a genie tied to it that can grant him three wishes. The said the animated film is set in the Middle Eastern environment, full of deserts and Arab architecture and culture.

Lin stated that when it comes to making movies, he likes to make it with a diverse cast. And luckily, he and Guy Ritchie share the same vision, along with Disney. Lin hinted that the production is actually leaning on casting new actors for the major roles, namely Aladdin and Princess Jasmine. Disney isn’t just looking into acting skills but the cast needs to know how to sing and actually sing well because Lin said they are keeping the musical aspect of the animated film.

Lin stated that the production is going to make sure that Aladdin does great because Disney raised the bar when it did an amazing job with “Cinderella” and the new movie, “Beauty and the Beast”. The live action film adaptation of “Aladdin” may not have a release date yet but Lin has said that it might follow “Beauty and the Beast”. “Aladdin” was announced in October 2016 with Guy Ritchie as director, John August as the scriptwriter, and Dan Lin as producer.

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