Overwatch Year Of The Rooster Event Finale Might Feature Free Loot Boxes And New Voice Lines

By Sarene Mae Butao , Feb 11, 2017 04:30 AM EST

Last month, Blizzard Entertainment released a brand new event for their multiplayer shooter game Overwatch in celebration for the Chinese New Year. Meanwhile, the Year of the Rooster event is now approaching its finale as it will officially end this coming Feb. 13. However, some say that Blizzard might give fans free Year of the Rooster loot boxes to partially celebrate the upcoming Valentine's Day.

According to the report from The BitBag, Blizzard previously confirmed that they will not be hosting a Valentine's Day Event this year. However, they will be adding Valentine's content for both Genji and Mercy. Meanwhile, as seen on the official website of Overwatch, the Year of the Roster Event started on Jan. 24 and will end on Feb. 13. As a result, players now only have this whole weekend to acquire those theme-exclusive cosmetics. Furthermore, there are no confirmed events arriving after the Chinese New Year Event.

Earlier, Blizzard teased a possible Valentine's Day event via some voice lines that infer romance between Genji and Mercy. However, it was then confirmed that they won't be hosting both Valentine's Day and Easter events this year. Meanwhile, the abovementioned possible free Year of the Roster Loot Boxes might happen to compensate for the cancellation of Valentine's Day Event.

Based on the report, players will still expect some new theme-based voice lines coming to Overwatch even without a proper Valentine's Day Event. It will be expected to arrive on several Overwatch heroes. However, as of now, only Genji and Mercy are receiving these Valentine's Day voice lines.

On other news, players in the Public Test Realm are currently testing the Bastion Rework and Server Browser mode. The current tweak on Bastion now encourages an upbeat playstyle which focuses on breaking shields and roaming around. Meanwhile, the Server Browser mode will enable players to create their own Overwatch server and let other players enter. These servers will grant players the privilege to modify the game rules and their desired character's stats.


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