Breeding Boost Feature Arrives To Ark: Survival Evolved PC

By Alvin Elfwine , Feb 13, 2017 04:10 AM EST

Well, it seems Ark: Survival Evolved developer Studio Wildcard is indeed on the roll. Just a couple of days ago, updates were being released to the game. Features and whatnots arrived, making the game (on all platform versions) a little bit more interesting than before. And now, a new feature has arrived to PC via the latest patch.

According to iDigitalTimes, the studio has a brand new patch to offer to the Ark: Survival Evolved PC version. It's being launched in celebration of the upcoming Valentine's Day, which will happen come Feb. 14. Aside from the interesting bonuses, a very enticing boost has been revealed.

Basically, the Ark: Survival Evolved v254.93 has given Dinos at least 5 percent increase in terms of dropping a box of chocolates. Remember, this happens when these creatures tend to mate. Chocolates, in particular, can be utilized for completing healing. Or, depending on the players, these can be used to advance more or less 50 percent of a Dino's taming bar.

Apart from the aforementioned, Ark: Survival Evolved players will also enjoy a couple of other things. These include the like of new unlockable emote called "Heart." Also, there are new unlockable hairstyles for either the facial or the head. It's worth noting that these can be achieved through craftable items, and the two are applicable to either male or female.

As for the Ark: Survival Evolved servers, they can be launched using the "-vday" command so as to acquire extra Mateboost range (2X). Mating speed has also been increased three times along with the mating recovery. Babies/eggs can already undergo a maturation speed of three times, with the food consumption (for the babies) being set at 1/3.

The next major update for Ark: Survival Evolved PC is slated to arrive in Feb. 20. As for the game's versions on consoles, the most talked-about date is Feb. 14, the Heart's day. This will be done along with the highly anticipated TEK Tier update.

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