Ark: Survival Evolved Has Reached A New Player Pool Milestone

Ark: Survival Evolved may not be as huge as other titles of today, but it surely has a great community to offer. And this claim is actually true, as revealed by developer Studio Wildcard. Apparently, the game has reached a new milestone in terms of its player pool. This should really mean something significant, most especially that the game's full version is yet to arrive.

According to Express, the video game company announced that Ark: Survival Evolved has acquired the largest player count to date. As of this writing, it's sitting pretty well at 100,000 -- more or less -- on Steam. This figure has helped the title set a new record.

Surprisingly, the success of Ark: Survival Evolved doesn't stop there. That's because it has been showing a very remarkable stats for Sony's PlayStation 4. Studio Wildcard's very own co-founder Jeremy Stieglitz made an interesting revelation - on the said console, the game is usually at 65k. Xbox One, on the other hand, comes second at 50k. Overall, there are around 200k players (on all platforms). This is definitely a huge step for the title.

When Ark: Survival Evolved was announced, the studio made it clear that the game's full version will be worked on. Although the video game company didn't promise any release date, it remains to be unseen as to when it'll exactly arrive. Nonetheless, the reception of the fandom should be quite replenishing for the developer.

In related Ark: Survival Evolved news, a brand new update has been released. It brings forth a couple of new features as well as dinos. For the latter, it includes two of the newest four creatures. These are namely Purlovia and Baryonyx. It's also worth noting that these species are considered active tame. This means that a lot of effort and patience will be required from the players. Well, as what most would say, it's worth it. Definitely worth it.

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