Fire Emblem Heroes Guide: Which Characters Are Worth Re-rolling

There are numerous Fire Emblem Heroes available in this mobile game. Only a few of them though are worth re-rolling the game for.

The Top Three Heroes

Many players in Fire Emblem Heroes are using the re-rolling method to get the characters they want. It's time consuming but its free and players can do it over and over again. The top three picks include Takumi, Hector and Azura, according to cnet. The archer prince is the most sought after hero although a lot of players hate him as well. Takumi's ability to fight in close encounters is an advantage not enjoyed by most archers in the game.

Hector is another favorite since he can counterattack even in long distance despite using an ax. This means that archers like Takumi are vulnerable to him. His health is one of the highest and has the ability half the damage he receives. This seems to make him more formidable than Takumi. Meanwhile, Azura's lance is very useful especially when confronted by mostly sword wielding opponents. Her singing ability allows her allies to make a second turn.

Other Top Choices

Fae is a cool character since she can transform into a dragon. As a beast, she can pull out allies from trouble and has self-healing abilities. Cordelia's Galeforce allows her spear to damage opponents twice. She can also sneak on them and hit them from behind but that's based on her HP.

Leo is a mage that can deal heavy damages especially against armored units. First, he slows down the enemy then wipes them out with an explosion capable of hitting several of them. Lyn is a sword wielding heroine that can hit two opponents at once. Both Lucina and Chrom possess the Flachion sword capable of defeating dragons and ability to heal them every three turns. Ryoma's lightning sword can hit enemies even in long distances. This Samurai only gets stronger every time he takes a hit.

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