Fire Emblem Heroes Character Selection Guide: How To Pick A Well-Balanced Team

Fire Emblem Heroes offers almost a hundred characters to choose from. Players though will need to pick a well-balanced team once they reach the deeper levels.

Not All Heroes Are Created Equal

Heroes ranked three stars and below are probably not worth it. Instead concentrate on getting those with five or four-star ranks, according to Siliconera. Players can improve their chances of getting such characters through a process called re-rolling.

The Right Mix Of Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes players should first learn about the advantages and disadvantages of certain weapons and skills. First, Sword is stronger than Ax, while Wind magic is weak against Fire magic. Ax, on the other hand, is strong against a Lance and Wind magic beats Thunder magic. Interestingly the Lance can defeat the Sword while Thunder magic can beat Fire.

Knowing these for combat formulas will enable players to select their band of heroes that can counteract a particular opponent. It's recommended to include at least one of each hero who wields a sword, ax, and lance. The fourth and fifth hero may include an archer, beast, butler/maid, healer, mage, ninja or thief.

Archers like Takumi are beneficial to the group because of their long-range attacks. Takumi, on the other hand, can also deal short-ranged damages. Mages wield magic attacks that are also deadly to many enemies. Other hero class such as ninjas and beasts can fulfill certain roles in the game. Healers though are usually reserved for special maps or levels where everyone in the group must live. It's probably a good idea to keep more than one group of heroes so that players can deal with any situation.

About Fire Emblem Heroes

Fire Emblem Heroes is the latest mobile game that Nintendo has released. It's a free title with in-app purchases and is available in both Google and Apple Playstore. It features most if not all heroes of the game series.

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