Fire Emblem Heroes Players Want To Nerfed Game's Most Popular Character

Fire Emblem Heroes players are currently divided over one particular character. Many are doing everything they can to get him while others dread when they see him as the opposing character.

Enter Takumi

Takumi is a five star SS ranked character in Fire Emblem Heroes. As an archer, he can inflict damages from a distance. Takumi can also inflict damages in short distances which is a capability absent from the other archers. Players lucky enough to get him immediately see his value to their team especially in story mode.

Unfortunately, he is not an easy character to get. Most Fire Emblem Heroes players could not get him in their first random selection. A lot of players though have resorted to "re-rolling" in the hopes of getting the versatile archer to their team. This basically means that users will delete the game and install it again. This method will require a great deal of patience but many don't mind as long as they get a Takumi.

Takumi Haters

Not all Fire Emblem Heroes players though are thrilled about the SS Rank Archer. They believed that the Hoshido prince is too powerful and should at least be nerfed, according to one Reddit user.

Takumi Counters

There are other characters in Fire Emblem Heroes that can counter this Archer Prince. The Ostian General Hector is the only other SS Rank unit in the game. Like Takumi, he can also deal damages to opponents regardless of distance. Unfortunately, he is vulnerable to Magic attacks. Some believe that Camille can be an effective counter against the SS rank archer.

It's unlikely that Nintendo will adjust the game and its characters at this early stage. This means that Takumi will have a long reign as the top fighter in Fire Emblem Heroes.

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