Apple To 'Create Some Tools' Against Fake News, Says Tim Cook

By Cameron , Feb 13, 2017 12:43 PM EST

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, is joining the war to eradicate fake news that is supposedly "killing people's minds." He views the proliferation of fake news and "alternative facts" as a warning sign on the mental health of the society. He is now calling on the all tech companies to help solve this problem.

Tech Companies Need To Create Tools

According to Cook, all of the tech companies need to create some tools that will help in diminishing the volume of fake news and suggests that there should be a massive campaign against it. He also added that people should also be thinking through every demographic.

The Rise Of The Fake News Awareness

The fake news has always been here throughout the past, but it only became an issue during election campaign. According to the report, many reliable news outlets used the power of social media's algorithms and incredibly clicky headline to spread fake new stories.

At the period, Pizzagate was one of the more prolific stories. This was a news story about Hilary Clinton being allegedly involved in a child sex ring that was supposedly run out of a pizzeria in Washington DC. And since then, the article claims that fake news has only been become even more prevalent.

Apple CEO Wants To Denounce Fake News As A Collective Effort

According to Cook, people right now are going through a period of time where unfortunately, some of the people winning are the people that spend time trying to get most click, not tell the most truth. Currently, many people right now are just in the complaint category and have not figured out what to do, which is why the Apple CEO suggested that it should be instead a collective effort among people to publicly denounces fake news stories while promoting real one.

Such as seen with what Facebook is doing right now. The social media app is currently rolling out verification tools in Germany to combat fake stories.

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