Carrier Wars: T-Mobile One Plan Upgraded To Challenge Verizon's Unlimited Plan

By Edge Ison , Feb 14, 2017 03:32 AM EST

T-Mobile is upgrading its One Plan in response to Verizon's move to bring back its unlimited data offer.

The two network carriers have been at each others' throats very recently with T-Mobile starting off by offering an unlimited data plan called One. Verizon followed suit by resurrecting its own unlimited data plan which is now hailed as Verizon Unlimited. And now a day later, T-Mobile is upping the ante by adding HD video streaming and 10GB of LTE hotspot tethering to its unlimited plan. The two new features will be part of the standard service and will not require any additional or hidden fees.

Verizon also has Mobile Hotspot for tethering in which the subscriber can use up to 10GB on 4G LTE per month. If the user reaches 10GB usage, the speed will go down to 3G. While T-Mobile's new offer lets its subscribers freely use the 10GB LTE tethering as part of the plan, it is not clear if it will have a cap similar to Verizon's.

John Legere, CEO of T-Mobile, also announced that the One plan's price will also be lowered. Verizon offered its unlimited plan for only $80 per line for those who choose automatic payments. Each line can then add up to 4 more lines at $45 each. In response, T-Mobile will now be offering two lines for only $100. The T-Mobile promo will also include taxes and other fees while Verizon is still asking for around $150 after taxes including $20 for the "line access" fee. CNET reported that the upgrades in T-Mobile's One plan will take effect on Friday, Feb. 17.

The other network carriers have their own promos though none can compare to T-Mobile's so far. AT&T also has an unlimited plan but it requires potential subscribers to also get DirecTV or U-Verse and has a cap of 22GB. Sprint has also introduced its version of the unlimited data plan with a 23GB cap. As Engadget noted, all the shots fired between the network carriers only proved that these companies can actually improve services without having to raise their rates.

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