Verizon To Resurrect Unlimited Data Plan Starting Tomorrow

In a surprising move, Verizon is set to revive its unlimited data plans starting tomorrow.

The carrier is bringing back its old offering in the form of the new Verizon Unlimited. The plan will offer unlimited data as well as talk time and texts for introductory prices. The individual line is worth $80 while a family plan with four lines is available for $45 each line which adds up to $180 for the plan. The Verge pointed out that paperless billing and AutoPay should be enabled upon subscription to any of the plans.

Included in the unlimited plan is a hotspot tethering of up to 10GB at LTE speeds, and calls and texts to Canada and Mexico. According to CNET, the Verizon Unlimited plan is available to both old and new customers. The last time Verizon offered unlimited plans was in 2010. AT&T, another rival carrier, also ended its unlimited data offering in the same year only to bring it back last month but with a little caveat - prospective subscribers should also subscribe to DirecTV or U-Verse TV.

Verizon stressed that other plans will remain available to its customers. Ronan Dunne, president of the company's wireless division, said that it will not limit customers to a single plan and that the "bucketed" 5GB, S, M and L plans are still being offered.

Verizon's unlimited data plan has a bit of a catch, though. When subscribers reach 22GB of data usage, their accounts would be less prioritized than those who have yet to reach the threshold. This means the data speed would be reduced. But this will only occur when the network experiences congestion.

A few days earlier, rival company Sprint came up with its own unlimited data plan with a price that would increase after one year. The Verizon Unlimited has a fixed rate and will not go up later.

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