Cancer Treatment Might Become More Personalized

Cancer treatment has been more generalized in some ways. Cancer treatment have been more about treating cancer in general, and have not taken into account how cancer can affect different types of individuals. A new study shows promise, as cancer treatment might become more personalized.

A promising study about cancer treatment is that treatment might be tailored based on a person's genetics. Cancer has been known to largely be a mutation in one's genes, and making a more personalized treatment based on one's genes would make more sense. The study is made by the National Cancer Institute with NCI-MATCH (Molecular Analysis for Therapy Choice).

In the study, therapy is based on a tumor's genetic characteristics. The aim of the study is to look into 6,000 patients and evaluate tumor biopsy from them. The technology used for the study has been able to detect more than 4,000 genetic variations coming from 143 genes.

From the study, it has been shown that the assay done has been able to be accurate, with a 99.99 percent specificity. The assay has been used to examine different tissues, including those that come from cancer that no longer responds to treatment. The assay has been found to have identified specific abnormalities in different biopsies, according to Elsevier.

186 samples from four different laboratories have been used in the study. To ensure uniformity, steps have been made to see to it that all tests made as standardized. By doing so, the assay could be reproduced in different laboratories and would still give the same results. This makes the study to be as highly accurate as possible.

Elizabeth R. Unger, M.D., Ph.D. has noted that the study brings personalized cancer treatment to reality. Precision medicine can be made which would improve outcomes on patients, as Science Daily reports. This could target cancer more effectively, which might be more successful in the long run.

Cancer treatment today is still greatly elusive. A new study aims to change that, as cancer treatment becomes might more personalized. A study shows how aspirin could affect cancer.


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