Donald Trump Authenticates Executive Order To Protect Law Enforcers

President Donald Trump has signed three new Executive Orders, One of which aims to seek protection for Law Enforcers.

'Blue Lives Matter Regime' Of The Trump Administration

This new Executive order which is coined by many as the "Blue Lives Matter Regime" is one of the three Orders authenticated by President Donald Trump. The law aims to broaden the sanctions given to people who violate the right of police officers and for the prioritization of the fight against Illegal Immigration, Violent Crimes and drug trafficking.

"This is "the beginnings of what we are calling a ‘blue lives matter' regime." stated by Center for Constitutional Rights director, Vincent Warren.

New Executive Order Does Not Provide The Best Instrument To Protect The Public

Two foregoing policemen have released a statement regarding the said law, after it has been implemented, stating that, "We need not use arrest, conviction and prison as the default for every broken law." They also claimed that for non-violent and first time offenders, prison is unnecessary.

It has also been stated by numerous chief officers as well as prosecutors that more resources need to be allocated to drug rehabilitation, mental health treatment and other means of punishment for offenders.

Although a number of Law enforcers don't welcome the idea, some do. In a statement released by Chuck Canterbury, Fraternal Order of Police president, "I can promise that if we have a president who is speaking about protecting the lives of police officers, that the membership is going to be supportive of him."

Detroit Chief Craig Advocates Donald Trump's Law To Safeguard Law Enforcers

According to the Chief of the Detroit Police Department, James Craig, the measure that President Donald Trump took is an "encouraging sign." Craig added in the interview alongside Neil Cavuto on Fox news that it is all about creating safe cities, safe communities and neighborhoods. He also claimed that he had seen lots of officers in blue being demotivated due to lack of support.

After Craig's Interview, Spokesperson for the Detroit Coalition Against Police Brutality Kenneth Reed released a statement stating that, the organization rebukes the support. Reed also stated that the views and opinion made by Craig is not in line with the morals of Detroiters.

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