Ultrawings: A VR Flight Simulator That Lets You Use Your Real Hands To Control

Flight simulator games used to require the use of a keyboard and mouse or to install a more traditional flight stick. Ultrawings has found an effective middle ground when it comes to flight controls. The game models the gamer’s real hands in the game and allows the players to interact with virtual buttons, toggles and stick. The game’s trailer shows what it is like to fly in one of the game’s planes.

Chris Stockman, developer of BitPlanetGames, said that it was all gamepad driven initially. However, the developers did not want to do the standard things that people see in cockpit games where the gamer’s body twists and turns while their virtual arms and hands rest on stuff. The developers thought that the gamers should use their own hands to control the flight throttle and to use the flight stick.

The cockpits of the planes are simple enough that even new players can understand what is going on. The controls are set far apart so the players and move their hands around to maintain control of the plane. The game is a perfect mixture of physics which feels real while making it easy for everyone to enjoy flight in virtual air.

All the aircrafts are governed by a flight simulator engine but the company has made numerous modifications so that the aircrafts are really fun to fly. The type of jobs the player takes in on the game are not realistic in any way. The game has a very different experience than most flight simulators even those in virtual reality.

The game is an open world with three planes that the players can buy. It has multiple airports. Each plane handles differently and some missions require the use of both hands in a way that is not possible with a flight stick, as reported by Polygon.

The core gameplay involves completing jobs, getting money and buying new planes and new airports. The game is addictive and fun. It can be a real treat to anyone who try out VR for the first time. Untrawings is scheduled to be released for Occulus Rift With Touch soon as published by Upload.

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