Top 5 Best And Most Loved Video Game Couples Unveiled

By Noli Teves , Feb 15, 2017 04:20 AM EST

Some say that the season of love is over, however, it really isn't. Here, the article aims to present the top 5 best and most loved video game couples of all-time. In the world of gaming, there is a multitude of love affairs and relationship storylines that spice up the overall gameplay. Here are some of the top fan-favorite couples:

Naked Snake And EVA

Metal Gear Solid 3 has proven itself as one of the legendary games for all generations. For players who played the game, they would surely not forget the love that blossomed inside the battlefield. The love between Naked Snake and EVA is a whirlwind romance, which just shows that no matter what happens, love will still find a way, even if it means crashing cars and pointing guns at each other.

Ico And Yorda

Ico has been one of the most successful action-adventure games released for the PlayStation 2. With it, comes the love that emanates between Ico and Yorda.

According to Arcade Sushi, throughout all the challenges that the two had experienced together, they formed a surprising bond with each other and fell in love in the process. It really is a classic story of how love starts out. Who says video games can't create heart-wrenching storylines?

James And Mary

Silent Hill 2 might be a horror game that will disturb every bit of its player's dreams for countless nights. However, even in the darkest of days, love still finds its way. According to PlayStation Lifestyle, James and Mary is proof that love exists anywhere, even in the most horrific of all places. Love knows no boundaries, as James Sunderland will do anything to reach out to his wife, ultimately discovering her mysteriously gruesome death.

Max And Chloe

Life is Strange sure know hows to make cute and lovable characters that will appeal to how today's generations perceive relationships. With Max and Chloe, the game gets a light tone that gives enjoyment and fun to its players and at the same time, also allowing its players to fall in love with the characters. The couple shows in the game that two best friends can step up their game, and turn their friendship into something more, and that is love.

Sam And Lonnie

Gone Home may be one of the best adventure exploration games out there; however, it's more than that. The game also focuses on the love affair that Sam and Lonnie has. This surely helped the game's marketing thus allowing a greater pool of gamers to play it.

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