How The NES Classic Revives Oldschool Gaming

Nintendo has just released the NES Classic Edition last November 2016. It is a scaled-down version of the company's original 1985 console.

Offering 30 classic games that have proved to be legends in the gaming industry, Nintendo surely knew how to take gaming to the next level. Some of the games that went along with the NES Classic were Super Mario Bros., Punch Out and Zelda.

Each unit also comes with a single controller. It also has its own HDMI port. This console has a retail price of $60 in some stores.

The Details Surrounding the NES Classic Edition

However, there are other online sellers that sell them for up to $130 and sometimes even more. According to M Live, the NES Classic Edition is considerably smaller than the original 1985 console.

It can even fit on your hand's palm, leading many to call it as Nintendo Mini. One of the downsides of it is that the controller cable is just three feet in length. This means that players need to be closer to the TV. This is a smart move for Nintendo as it brings back how video games were played back in the days.

This clearly shows that the company is indeed bringing in a ton of nostalgic video gaming experience. According to Kotaku, the revival console is perfect for people who are always on-the-go, due to its portability.

Treasure Trove for Gamer Parents

Its game library is also a treasure trove for the 80's and 90's gamers, making this game not only target the young ones, but the old ones as well. Surely, today's parents would be hooked in for some overnight video gaming.

To sum it all up, the NES Classic Edition is indeed a smart move for Nintendo. Knowing that the gaming industry is already very saturated, the company went on to do the reverse. Instead they bought back this legendary piece of gaming console to life.

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