NBA 2K17 Unveils Custom Black History Month Uniforms And Courts

February is considered as an important part of American history as it is celebrated as Black History Month. Now, an avid NBA 2K17 player has just made personalized jerseys and courts to celebrate the contributions and heritage of African-Americans throughout the U.S.

As of now, 2K Sports is still yet to make this new update official. But for the meantime, players who want a taste of it can download it directly from the NBA 2K17 community.

PlayStation players can also download the specially made custom jerseys by searching the creator's username, "franchiseplay99". Players can then use this patch for their MyGM, MyLeague and MyTeam.

NBA 2K17 Black History Month

The celebration of Black History Month does not end up with this single NBA 2K17 update, as there are also various Black History Month-related updates that are up for downloads. Even Xbox users can be one in celebrating Black History Month, by simply typing it in the uploads section.

Everything is indeed possible, thanks to the creation suite feature. With the help of this, players can now create their own personalized jerseys and courts.

According to IB Times, NBA 2K17 players can also try out the option of uploading various African-American personalities, just like Martin Luther King Jr., so spoke of racial equality. Their picture can then be put on a jersey, or even on the court itself.

NBA 2K17 Is Made For Everyone

According to Forbes, the sky is indeed the limit for all NBA 2K17 gamers, for they can use their innate creativity and imagination into making the game sync in with their personal preferences. Once players have made their own creations, they can then share it to the NBA 2K community for the whole world to see.

This would surely cement NBA 2K17 and the entire NBA 2K franchise's status as the best basketball simulation game for generations to come.

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