Nintendo Switch To Connect Via LAN For Multiplayer Use

By Ana Cordero , Feb 15, 2017 02:56 AM EST

When the Nintendo Switch was first announced, it quickly got gamers from all over the world excited. The game console was a morphing device of the future that seemed to cater to all gaming modes and preferences. But there was still that question about how exactly the device was going to connect with others for multiplayer.

As The Verge has reported, Nintendo has been pushing its multiplayer feature for weeks now and have provided various methods of connectivity. There is the Joy-Con of the Switch that can support split-screen playing on just one device and there is also the option of Wi-Fi connectivity. The latter of these two options are evident on "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe," which can support up to eight consoles at once.

But as the company recently announced, there is another, arguably more low-tech, way to play with friends as well. With LAN connectivity, players can enjoy the option of playing with friends even while offline. Reportedly, up to 10 players can connect docked consoles over Ethernet. However, there is one relatively serious drawback.

The option is possible, but players will need to go the extra mile to actually make it a possibility. The Nintendo Switch lacks an Ethernet port, so individuals will need to purchase a separate USB to Ethernet adapter. And while the adapter is not exactly difficult to find, it can set back an individual by around US$30.

Connectivity via Ethernet is not a new concept that is being tested out by Nintendo. The same feature was present in some of its previous consoles. However, at that point, players still had to rely on the company's online servers. So whenever there was no internet available, or the company's servers were having trouble keeping up, connecting to another console was virtually made impossible.

This means that the Nintendo Switch is actually the first console from Nintendo since GameCube to offer real LAN play. And as the publication continued, it is the only proof of how the seriously the company is taking its local multiplayer feature. At this point, only "Splatoon 2" has been announced for compatibility with the feature, but more games are expected to join the trend.

As C|Net learned in its interview with Nintendo Producer Yoshiaki Koizumi, the Switch was designed to be completely universal. The same was proven by Koizumi himself, as he pulled out the console from his back pocket during the interview. He even shared how he considered bringing the same at a pub in London, with the idea that individuals could enjoy a new social element in their night out.

The key feature of the Nintendo Switch is real that it can be brought anywhere and still be properly played. The company thereby produced a console that was small enough to offer portability and powerful enough to provide a worthwhile gaming experience. In addition, the company has all plans to keep releasing its exclusive games on the console. The same will star shipping on March 3 alongside "The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild."

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