IBM Boss Ginni Rometty Explains The Reason For Staying In Trump´s Team

Of every single action and decision that president Donald Trump has made in the first weeks of his administration, one of the most controversial was the Muslim ban. It even reached the point of massive protests from people who showed its positions against it. In fact, major tech companies as Apple and Microsoft also blasted against this travel ban, and Uber´s boss resigned in his position as an advisory council of Trump´s administration. However, IBM´s CEO Ginni Rometty stayed on this team, and now she has explained the reasons for this delicate decision.

Ginny Rommety Explained IBM´s Position Through A Letter

Apparently, Ginni Rometty told IBM´s employees through a letter last week that even when many people suggested that the company shouldn't engage with Trump´s administration, she disagree. According to her words, this would be because IBM´s experience has taught that reaching out, listening, and having an authentic dialogue with the government is the best path to a good outcome for the administration and the tech company.

A Possible War To Come Between IBM And The Tech World?

Also, she explained that even when IBM doesn't espouse a political point of view in certain subjects, the company have values that it would always defend and fight for. In fact, Ginni Rometty pointed out that unlike the company´s major competitors, IBM is not characterized for making political contributions, or endorse candidates for the White House. This seems to be an interesting point considering the way in which many people believe that this tech giant supported Donald Trump during the presidential campaign.

Naturally, this letter represents quite a risky position for the company given the fact that the Muslim ban has been a delicate subject in the U.S. since President Trump's announcement. Also, this opens a possible clash with the tech world. It can be recalled that at the start of this month, over 100 tech firms decided to sign a legal order in support of unprecedented legal action against the ban, and Ginni Rommety decided to not participate.

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