Are Bottle Cap Giveaways In Pokemon Sun And Moon Actually Good?

Pokemon Sun and Moon are two of the latest titles from Nintendo. These games quickly captured the hearts of many fans, especially to those who've been significantly attached to Pokemon. The studio released a new giveaway, which is called the bottle cap. Apparently, it grew a love/hate relationship with most fans.

According to Polygon, Pokemon Sun and Moon players have the chance to acquire the aforementioned item until March 5. This can be done through GameStop. The silver bottle cap, as interesting as it may sound, is quite a bust. In a sense, it's more of a disappointing giveaway rather than the other way around.

In its most organic form, the bottle cap is being utilized as part of the Hyper Training in Pokemon Sun and Moon. The said training is more of a feature that gives the players a boost in hopes to maximize their individual value stats (IVs, in particular). For those who want to power up various members of their respective teams, the aforesaid item is really helpful. After all, they're not easy to acquire. That's because they're only acquirable through selective process.

Sure, the aforementioned Pokemon Sun and Moon item is quite beneficial. However, players were able to discover a more susceptible way of obtaining copious silver bottle caps. This happened as early as the game's launching sometime in November last year. This, in one way or another, put the recent offer to shame, so to speak.

While what players discovered is true, the bottle caps are still relevant in Pokemon Sun and Moon. This is especially to those who are really serious in Hyper Training. But still, the workaround could be a better option. Let alone the fact that players were able to discover a way to farm multiple gold bottle caps.

Still, at the end of the day, Nintendo can't deny the fact that Pokemon Sun and Moon players are quite frustrated. But hey, it's still a giveaway. So regardless, the choice is up to the players.

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